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​Bottom of the Barrel Wine Room offers several options to make your event a memorable one!

Private Gatherings

Bottom of the Barrel Wine Room is available for your group's private gatherings.  We take the work off your shoulders. All you have to do is pull a group together. It's a great option for birthdays, game night, showers, reunions, and more! The Wine Room can accommodate up to 24 people for a private party.


This service is available during our "off hours" with the purchase of drinks and a fee or gratuity for our wine-tender

Off-Site Wine-tender

Having a dinner party at home or a special event at a local site? We can provide a wine-tender for your event needs. For smaller get-togethers, we can private a special wine tasting and demo.


$75 for two hours of wine-tender services, plus the cost of wine.

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